Aims, Objectives and Goals

The association aims to:

  • promote the development of Business Managers'/Executive Officers' skills, qualifications and leadership and improve opportunities for the professional and personal development of Business Managers/Executive Officers.
  • promote the continuous improvement and development of school administration.
  • ensure that the collective views and opinions of school Business Managers/Executive Officers are canvassed and heard nationally on matters of professional significance.
  • publish and circulate bulletins and newsletters presenting the ideas and opinions of members and others on professional matters.
  • conduct and initiate such research and studies as may assist in attaining any of these aims and objectives.
  • provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among school Business Managers/Executive Officers and other interested persons.
  • encourage co-operation and fellowship among school Business Managers/Executive Officers.
  • provide professional support and advice members.
  • be represented on all appropriate bodies.
  • collaborate with other organisations having similar aims and objectives.
  • foster liaison and support between branches of the association.
  • promote a sense of common cause amongst all school administration support staff.
  • promote the role and profile of Business Managers/Executive Officers in the school community and encourage greater membership.
  • enhance our professionalism by utilising the collective knowledge of the members in order to achieve the aims and objectives as documented in the constitution.
  • foster business links to further our aims and objectives.
  • acknowledge the diversity of members' skills and roles.
  • maximise all opportunities to influence the decision making processes of relevant bodies.
  • encourage the use of appropriate technology to minimize the effect of geographical spread.