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To become a member of the association you need to be directly responsible to the Principal and Board of Trustees for Financial Management and/or Property Management and/or Support Staff Management.

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Executive Officer’s Position Exemplar

An Executive Officer is responsible for all aspects of support services within a school environment to contribute to effective teaching and learning outcomes in New Zealand schools.
The Executive Officer will ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, Board of Trustees’ policies and School Procedures within their responsibilities.
This job exemplar sets out the major duties and other tasks associated with the stated purpose of the position. It is considered the expertise of an Executive Officer is an integral part of Senior Management and valuable as a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Duties may include, but are not limited to:

Financial Management

❖ Responsibility for all financial functions and reporting.

❖ Advising the Board, Principal and staff of all current and relevant requirements for International       Financial Reporting Standards, Inland Revenue Department and Ministry of Education.

❖ Preparation of the annual budget.

❖ Monitoring monthly expenditure to ensure effective budgetary control.

❖ Management of internal control system.

❖ Asset Management functions and reporting.
❖ Ensure all Board policies are adhered to.

Human Resources Management

❖ Management, and further development, of and implementing, a range of strategies to ensure the effective administration of human resources within the school.

❖ Responsibility for the maintenance of human resource records within the school.

❖ Management of employment process from vacancy to offer of employment.

❖ Responsibility for all payroll processes.

❖ Management of the appraisal process and professional development for support staff.

❖ Development and review of guidelines for personnel procedures and internal controls.

❖ Understanding of all relevant Collective Agreements.

❖ Ensure all Board policies are adhered to.

Property Management

❖ Ensure Ten Year Property Plan and Five Year Agreement are in line with Ministry of Education’s and/or Proprietors procedures and requirements.

❖ Ensure all contractors on site understand and comply with Health & Safety legislation.

❖ Ensure jobs completed by contractors are to the required standards.

❖ School liaison for building projects and/or Property Project Management.

❖ Ensure property (Buildings/Plant/Equipment/Grounds/Vehicles) is well maintained to a high standard.

❖ Ensure all Board policies are adhered to.

Performance Criteria

An Executive Officer may be expected to demonstrate the following:

❖ Experience within the management of support services of an organisation.

❖ Lead support services within a global environment.

❖ Experience in project management and successful implementation of strategic goals.

❖ Experience of strategic management and planning.

❖ Complete tasks in an accurate, time-efficient manner.

❖ Excellent customer service skills in order to communicate with all stakeholders within the community including parents, staff, students and Board.

❖ Work under pressure to meet deadlines.

❖ Excellent organisational and interpersonal skills.

❖ Work independently with confidence and initiative.

❖ Excellent oral and written communication skills.

❖ Work as part of a team and contribute in achieving the goals and objectives.

❖ Competence in the use of Technology (e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel and Cloud based technology).

❖ Maintain strict confidentiality at all times.

Other duties may include but are outside the membership criteria:

Board Secretary

❖ Ensure all Board minutes are accurately recorded.

❖ Returning Officer for Board elections.

❖ Drafting school-based policies in line with Ministry of Education requirements for review and adoption by the Board.

❖ Management of school compliance checklists.

❖ Intermediary between school and Board.

❖ Ensure all Board policies are adhered to.

Health & Safety

❖ Member of Health & Safety Committee.

❖ Management of incident reporting and regulatory requirements to report.

❖ Interfacing with outside H&S agencies.


❖ Management of ICT infrastructure and support services.

❖ Responsibility for rollout of new technology.

❖ Management of TELA Laptop Programme.


❖ Ensure school brand is positively promoted and protected.

❖ Marketing and development of additional income streams.

❖ Conducting publicity events.


❖ Management of procurement process.


❖ School reporting, and modifying templates for School Management System.

❖ Management of student records.

❖ Conducting data extraction from SMS for student learning outcomes.

❖ Management of Enrol.

❖ Archiving all school documentation.

The duties could vary from time to time resulting from new legislation, change in technology or policy changes and in which case appropriate training may be given to undertake this new / varied role